Ellie (the_life_of_e) wrote in soapmakers,

Another Soap Question!

    I know that carrots have lots of good vitamins that are wonderful for your skin. I know that carrot seed oil has lots of vitamins that are wonderful for your skin. Will adding carrot juice or carrot puree to soap  have the same effect, or do I have to use the essential oil? If I do replace the water in my soap recipes with carrot juice, will the lye mess it up, or will it retain some of the qualities of the carrot juice? Can I put things like fruits, mashed up, into soap, or will they rot?

   These are probably really dumb questions, but I couldn't find any answers online. I would love to add blueberries to my soap, because I have very sensitive skin and blueberries help keep the redness down. (I don't remember HOW, but that's what I know from workin at Lush, lol.)  But I don't want rancid soap full of rotting fruit. :(

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