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Soap-y Questions

Hello soapmakers!

I am completely and utterly new to soapmaking (as in, I've read books/watched videos/have the supplies, but I've never actually made any soap!). I just have a couple questions:

When using SoapCalc, I totally understand how it calculates the percentages of oil and tells you how much lye to use, but after it has been calculated, I'm still not sure how much water to add. Do I just calculate 38% of the weight of oils myself -- and that's how much water I should be using? :S

Also, how much essential oils should I be adding? I'm worried about adding too little (no smell at all?) or too much (overpowering smell or a general waste of essential oil, which can be pricey).

Thank you lovely ladies and gentlemen for any advice you can share! :)
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