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I dont know what I did...

Hello! I wanted to start making our own soap and did my first batch last night... After letting it sit for 24 hours I went to go cut it and it looked good until I cut into it. On the bottom was a brownish orange gel that had an ammonia smell.  What is this? What could I hve done wrong? is it a lost cause or should I wash/cut away the contaminated parts? Once rinsed the soap itself has no smell at all. Its a milk based soap if that matters

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Something has gone very wrong here but would need more details though to work out what ..

Firstly, did you run your recipe through a soapcalc? And are you sure your scale is accurate? What else was in your recipe - honey?

Milk based soaps are not that easy to start with as they can overheat and that's the ammonia you're smelling - it will pass .. The gunk there is more an issue, it looks like honey and oils have separated and if so then your soap is likely to be lye heavy and unfortunately unusable ..

The easiest way to test is to wet your finger and rub it on the soap, then just touch it to your tongue .. If it 'zaps' like a battery (don't worry it won't hurt) then it is Lye heavy .. If it doesn't then let it cure for 6 weeks and try it on your hands before promoting it to the bathroom ..